" "How to lose weight quickly teenager?

How to lose weight quickly teenager?

how quickly lose weight teen


  • Causes of obesity
  • Where to start?
  • normalize food
  • Physical activity
  • Body care
  • Moral support

In modern society, the problem of excess weightAs for all ages, without exception, including teenagers. And it was as a teenager slightest flaws of their appearance are perceived most painfully. And the teenager begins to carry out the numerous and sometimes very dangerous experiments with his body - different diets, hunger strikes, and in some cases even worse - in the course are various medications for weight loss.

The can end this violence on growingbody - not undertake to predict any doctor. But it is not difficult to guess that anything good, unfortunately. What to do? How to lose weight quickly teenager? And most importantly, safely? Let's try to sort out this issue in order to help your child.

Causes of obesity

The first step is to understand why such a problem as the extra weight at all there. After the smoke without fire, as well as excess weight for no reason. As a rule, the three main ones:

  • Hormonal disorders

In some cases, being overweight isthe result of hormonal disturbance. As a rule, such a situation can be suspected in cases where the weight began to gain a physically active teenager who receives a healthy balanced diet, and especially if in addition to overweight child is suffering from acne and pimples.

In this case, unfortunately, independentlyto cope with the extra weight will be almost impossible, and it is not safe for children's health. Therefore, the only way out of this situation would be an appeal to the doctor - ideally to the endocrinologist, or at least to the pediatrician. The doctor will examine the child, hold a number of necessary studies and prescribe the appropriate treatment, select sparing diet if necessary. And will regularly monitor the status of adolescent health.

  • Wrong way of life

Movement - life. As well as the health and good shape. Alas, the mobile game "salochki" and "cops and robbers" long gone. Today's children and teenagers prefer to spend their time in front of a TV and / or computer. It is not surprising that the extra weight begin to "stick" to the teenager as a magnet.

And if in addition to the more sedentary anddown the drain - an unhealthy diet. And, unfortunately, that's often the case. Semi-finished products, sweets, chips, nuts, soft drinks - what kind of health can be discussed! Unfortunately, very often the parents did not pay enough attention to nutrition - work, fatigue.

how to quickly lose weight teen

Where to start?

It is important to understand one simple truth - the answerto the question of how to lose weight quickly teenager - there can not be. lose weight too quickly is dangerous even for an adult, not to mention the growing organism. The most important thing is to understand a teenager - is something that he will need a stock of patience.

The hated kilos accumulate more than one ortwo month. So quickly and get rid of it will not be possible. Patience and systematic comprehensive approach is required to eventually bring the desired result. But before you start losing weight necessarily show the teen to the doctor - even if he is completely healthy and no health problems, in addition to colds, he has never been.

normalize food

The first thing you need to start - is toa fundamental change in diet. But any diet, remember? First, diet endangers the health of adolescents, and possibly for the rest of life. Second, the diet - a measure of very temporary. Perhaps the time to diet and weight in adolescents decrease. But on a diet all my life will not stay and have to return to a normal diet. So, very quickly the weight comes back and even "friends" in the form of a pair of three-kilogram taking with him.

Therefore, the only way out - it's the rightfood. Which should not be a temporary measure, a permanent way of life. By the way, and parents would do well to join your child - is nothing but a huge benefit, it will not bring. And the child will be much easier to resist the temptation, if there is no mayonnaise and sausages in the fridge.

  • Prohibited products

The diet of a teenager in no case be exercisedbe no fast food, no semi-finished products. Crackers, chips, and other nasty things with artificial preservatives and dyes - the main enemy of a beautiful slender figure. Meats, fatty fish and meat - is also highly undesirable.

You also need to understand - everything that is not water- this is food. We must not forget that the soft drinks, packaged juices, tea and sugar are too caloric. So do not abuse them, and ideally should be altogether abandoned. Natural juices, non-carbonated bottled water and green tea fit perfectly.

  • The list of recommended products

However, the teenager - a growing organism, therefore,on starving it can not be planted. proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the body simply vital. However, carbohydrates are best obtained from fruits and cereals, proteins - of lean meat and dairy products, and fats - olive oil.

Low-fat cottage cheese, meat, fish, dairyproducts, cereals, fruits and vegetables in large quantities - these foods should form the basis of a teenage diet. Otherwise, you may be in trouble - anemia, vitamin deficiency, and other adverse events. And do not forget about the bowel - a problem with the wrong food can touch him as well.

It is also very important, and schedule meals. If a child wants to get rid of excess weight, diet should be only a fraction! Eating - every two hours, in small portions. Under no circumstances is unacceptable hunger! If the body is under my head, he starts worrying and begins vigorously to postpone nutrients for future use. So, the weight will begin to increase more rapidly. Although, of course, this does not mean that every two hours teenager should load up the blade, so it was impossible to breathe - ideal serving should be about 150-200 grams.

And we must not forget about the water - when there is insufficient itContent in the body's metabolism starts to slow down. So, to lose weight will be very, very difficult. Therefore, the child should drink about a liter of clean drinking water per day. But do not forget to talk to your doctor - in some cases, an increase in fluid intake is contraindicated.

Physical activity

The best way to lose weight as quickly as possibleteenager, is the correct diet to add physical activity. Sport should be an integral part of living a healthy teenager. Of course, a sport in any case not intended to watch grueling workouts at the gym! Such excessive load growing body absolutely contraindicated!

But rollers or skates, bicycle or skiswill only benefit. And the weight loss process goes much faster than with proper nutrition. The child does not show much zeal? Go to the rink with him. Take badminton and ride out of town. In the end, you can take the ball and go to the nearest football pitch.

If these loads would be enough, you canoffer teen enroll in either the sports section - the good, the choice is huge. For example, girls may be interested in aerobics or dance for the boy as one might think about the team games - football, basketball. Do not forget - and in this case not be able to do without a visit to the doctor. The doctor should assess the overall physical condition of the child, and then determine whether the child can be engaged in some kind of sport.

how quickly lose weight properly teenager

Body care

Parents should take into account another importantdetail. The fact that weight loss can lead to a deterioration of the body skin. Yes, do not be surprised in adolescents may also be loose skin and stretch marks even stronger. And sometimes noticeable even greater than that of many adults. And believe me - this cosmetic defect deliver adolescent mental suffering no less than overweight. Especially if it is a girl - for her it does become a real tragedy.

Therefore, this situation must be provided andto try to prevent. In most cases, promptly initiated preventive measures will keep your skin slimming teenager in excellent condition. Moreover, it is not so difficult:

  • Cold and hot shower

The most simple and very effective tool forsave the tone and elasticity of the skin - this is the most common douche. Enough of three to four alternations of temperatures, but be sure to explain to a teenager that he should not go to extremes - the water temperature should be comfortable and not icy and scalding hot. Ideally, the douche should be taken twice a day.

  • Massage

Massage also become unnecessary in the prevention ofstretch marks. And the easiest way - a towel - well enough to rub the skin after a shower so she blushed a little. But the girls have some caution with the skin on the breast - it is easy to stretch, so the excessive zeal to anything. Also, no harm will be the most common and massager with pimples, which is worn on the palm. Show the teenager how to use it.

  • Body Oil

We have to be a teenager oilbody, which will help maintain skin elasticity and tone. Remember that a teenager - it's still just a kid. So do not acquire the means intended for adults. The ideal option would be a moisturizing lotion or oil, intended for children.

Moral support

In addition to all the above, a teenager really need the moral support of parents. It would seem, the simple truth, and many parents neglect them. So, what to do in any case it is impossible?

  • Do not blame the child

In no case do not reproach the child in anything! Not that he could not resist and ate a piece of candy, not for what he did not go back to the gym. Of course, you have to guide the child in the right direction, but very gently and in a friendly manner. and reproaches only completely repulse the child's self-confidence and can prevent reach their goal.

  • Do not criticize a child

How often you can hear from the mouth of the beautiful,loving parent rather unflattering remarks about the appearance of her child ... And obesity leads. Perhaps you feel that your child does not respond to such comments. However, rest assured that this is not so. And all your comments - a painful blow to the ego of a teenager. And what it may turn out is unknown.

On the contrary - you must try in every waychild support! The whole day passed without a single breakdown of food? Child for a week did not miss a single workout? Be sure to mark all, without exception, his success - this will give the teenager forces and strengthen self-confidence.

By the way, in the event that weight loss istoo slow, it is parental support plays a crucial role. If it is strong enough, the child still go to the end and in the end he will succeed. But if instead of supporting a child runs into the wall of indifference or, worse, lack of understanding, psychological problems - up to nervous breakdowns - even very likely.

How to support the child's despair? You will find parents and approach to the child. For example, you can tell him that very often normal weight as they grow older the body. You can go shopping and buy a beautiful, suitable clothing. In short, any means to raise a child mood and give strength to continue the struggle with being overweight. How to lose weight quickly teenager? Feeling the support of relatives and close friends. First and foremost, of course, the parents. If you are together, you all must succeed!

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