" "The consequences of the first sex

The consequences of the first sex

whether it is possible to get pregnant on the first try


  • Can the "first time" lead to pregnancy
  • As fertilization occurs
  • Is it possible to avoid an unwanted pregnancy?
  • The most reliable protection
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Psychological aspects

Nowadays sex at a young age - not sorarity. First sex can be beautiful, especially for those who love and mentally ready for it; but the important factor is, and protection from diseases and unwanted pregnancies. The trouble is that the topic of sex is accepted shamefully silent about in our society, and if you do something and say it is not so clearly, as I would like a teenager.

We understand that talking to their parents orteachers on this subject can be uncomfortable for you. But somebody must be available to explain what you do not understand, and to lift the veil on a thrilling mystery! Do not worry, we fully understand your interest and are ready to clarify your concerns. For example, is it possible to get pregnant on the first try and what to do to avoid this unwanted pregnancy?

Can the "first time" lead to pregnancy

You can be absolutely sure - yes, it can. For pregnancy it does not matter how many times sex occurred. In general, every woman is a completely individually. Someone is trying to get pregnant for months, and nothing happens, and some did not even care if you can get pregnant the very first time, and here comes the most "just" - and she was the expectant mother!

All you need for pregnancy, itto sperm from reaching the egg. Even if a girl has never had a menstrual period can be matched so that it first occurred ovulation (egg came from the ovary). The presence of mature egg makes a girl able to conceive, that is already possible pregnancy. And if the sexual contact occurs in this moment, and the sperm get into the vagina of a young woman, it is not even a doubt whether she get pregnant the first time you can.

whether it is possible for the first time to get pregnant

As fertilization occurs

Your interest in the question of a possible pregnancyIt gives you a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of this miracle - the process of new life. Here's how it happens magic. At certain times of the normal menstrual cycle, the pituitary gland releases female hormones that stimulate the ovaries so that they have released an egg matured.

Isolation of the egg is called ovulation,which occurs often in the middle of the cycle, about the fourteenth day of a typical 28-day cycle. The exact timing of ovulation can vary: some women have a 35-day cycle, while the other - 20 days. The length of the menstrual cycle of every woman, too, may change due to stress, illness, fatigue and other factors.

After ovulation the egg moves throughfallopian tube, where it has about twenty-four hours trying to connect with the sperm. Since sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for three to five days, she can get pregnant by having sex on the day of ovulation, or even a few days before her.

After fertilization, the egg moves intouterus, where it attached to the mucosa of the uterus and begins to grow. Only after securing a fertilized egg in the uterus pregnancy occurs. If this does not occur, menstruation begins.

Knowing how the process of fertilization, youclearly understand whether it is possible to get pregnant on the first try. Whenever the couple has unprotected sex, it is very high probability of pregnancy. And how can you protect against such undesirable consequences?

Is it possible to avoid an unwanted pregnancy?

Even the more experienced partners theremisconception that coitus interruptus (when your partner pulls out the penis before orgasm and sperm enters the vagina) is able to protect against conception. In fact it is not. Anyway, one of those women who use this method of protection throughout the year, twenty-five percent conceive within that same year. You can get pregnant the first time having sex, if you use this method. Why? There are several reasons for this.

A quarter of a tea spoon of sperm contains more than one hundredmillion sperm. This means that if you have time to get into the vagina just a drop of sperm, or even if it falls into the vagina itself, but just next to it, then there is a significant chance of pregnancy. That is, if your partner hesitated for a split second, then you run the risk of becoming pregnant.

And even if your partner was able to save over acontrol and interrupted sexual intercourse time, you can still get pregnant. And all because a specific fluid that is released just before ejaculation (the release of semen), also contains a certain amount of sperm. And for pregnancy need only one sperm!

whether it is possible to get pregnant for the first time

The most reliable protection

If you are going to have sex, you shouldremember that only condoms are a reliable protection! Moreover, they not only prevent pregnancy, but also to protect against the risk of contracting diseases that are transmitted sexually. Talk with your partner ahead of time and tell him of his desire to protect themselves during sex, using a condom. And if you take into adulthood, keep just in case a condom in her purse - suddenly your friend forgets to buy this remedy?

We have tried as much as possible to elaborate onexciting theme of many teenagers. The main thing that you should remember: do if you have sex in the bed, in the jacuzzi, in the airplane while hanging upside down or standing up, half an hour or just a minute - as long as there sperm and egg, a woman can get pregnant even though she was still very young and this is her first time. And if you have had unprotected sex (condom or starred or torn), you should overcome the embarrassment and see a doctor to rule out pregnancy and undergo tests for diseases that can be transmitted from a partner. Safety - above all!

Inflammatory processes

In that case, if the first sexual contactoccurred at an early age, there is another risk - the risk of injury to the mucous membranes lining the internal reproductive organs. This is not surprising, since the formation of a complete end to only 16 - 18 years. That is why early sex can lead to various microtraumas.

And in these same microtrauma, in turn,often lead to the development of inflammatory processes. In recent years, gynecologists are increasingly mark treatment very young persons, recently had sex. And damsels diagnosed with diseases such as Andechs, vulvovaginitis. And even endometritis and endometriosis - a very serious disease, with which to cope, and an adult woman is very, very difficult. And what can we say about a growing organism!

And we should not forget about the local trauma. Unfortunately, not always the first man is experienced enough and accurate in order to deprive the innocent girl without any complications. And not always this is due to inattention or unwillingness. For example, a young man and he may be inexperienced in sexual matters. One way or another, but sometimes gynecologist faced with vaginal tears, and even cervical injuries. By the way - pay special attention to spotting after the first sexual intercourse. Normally, they should not be plentiful. And time after about an hour they should stop completely. If it does not, be sure to seek medical help. In this case it is better to be safe than to miss any complication.

Psychological aspects

Speaking about the first sex and its consequences, can not benot to mention the psychological side of the question. As a rule, the first sexual contact remains in the memory of the girl on the rest of her life. Strictly speaking, it was he who determines the future attitude of women toward sex. Remarkably, if the first sexual contact occurs with the beloved. Or at least a pretty girl, a young man, and in normal conditions.

Bathroom, bed, tenderness, patience and tenderness -more suitable surroundings for the first sexual experience than any party, toilet, and alcohol intoxication. About any pleasant feelings and positive emotions in this situation and can be no question. The only thing that may end such a sexual experience - a great disappointment. This is at best. At worst it can to achieve an unwanted pregnancy and / or sexually transmitted diseases.

And in the future such negative emotions will standwoman is very bad service. It is very likely that the attitude toward sex formed the most negative - and there to frigidity hand. And it can cause a number of problems - in particular, the current family life, dissatisfaction with itself. And to change this situation alone is very difficult. And sometimes without serious care professionals and even impossible.

But why so often it happens like that? Unfortunately, the main cause of becoming banal stupidity. Reluctance to something different from her friends, keep up with them, while remaining a virgin. But it is necessary to think that the desire to be like their friends is not worth such a high price. And do not forget that not all of what they say friends, is the reality. And finally, remember that your life - it's your life.

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