" "Electra complex in girls: how to get rid?

Electra complex in girls: how to get rid?

Electra complex

Electra complex - the concept ofneo-Freudian psychology, which studies the psychosexual development of women, paying special attention to children and adolescence. Based on this concept, in a certain stage of development, the girl appears the awareness of your gender in relation to other boys and girls, especially in relation to their parents. The girl realizes that she does not have a penis, like his father, and unconsciously blames his mother - in fact it was she who gave birth to her like this. Daughter may particularly strongly attached to her father, and then she becomes jealous towards his mother, which sees a rival in the struggle for his father's attention. If you leave this problem unsolved, the adolescent develops Electra complex.

In Greek mythology, Electra, daughter of Agamemnon,He suffered greatly after the death of his father and missed him, and then conspired with his brother to kill the mother, whom she considered guilty in the death of his father. It was only fulfilling his plan, she could be happy. This myth echoes the myth of Oedipus, who killed his father in order to marry the mother, however, did not know that his parents this. Just as the myths of Oedipus and Electra complex also has features in common - their essence is that the child feels the attraction to the parent of the opposite sex.

how to get rid of the Electra complex

What could such a complex

But not only that, if the pope at the girlwonderful and soul into her daughter worships, the adolescent can develop Electra complex. Quite often, a problem arises when a girl in his life is getting insufficient or inadequate attention (for example, if it is too hard on it) from his father. The lack of understanding with his father may later have more adult girls cause a desire to compensate for its lack of relations with other men. As a rule, these women all his life prefer men much older than themselves, wishing for them to be a woman-daughter. Actually, the same thing happens with a woman, which was a wonderful father - in every man she is looking for his father's traits and, as a rule, does not find them, why almost never such women are not happy in your personal life.

Electra complex can also bring to the characterGirls positive at first glance, the features that are subsequently not contribute to her personal happiness. Even as a teenager, "fighting" with the mother of his father attention, the girl tries to do everything to ensure that her father was pleased. She diligently studying, then goes to college, gets a special, mostly pertaining to the profession of his father, then carefully make a career, as a rule, successful. All this leads to the fact that it appears nezhenskaya authoritativeness and strength of character. Professional growth is very helpful, can not be said about his personal life.

Oedipus complex and Electra

What can be done?

How to get rid of the Electra complex? Substantial assistance in this girl's parents may have joined their efforts. Teenage girls think that it is no longer a child and young woman. It can rise up against the mother. At this age, it is particularly a need for rebellion and self-affirmation, but now it will assert itself by trying to humiliate his mother. The correct position of the father in such a situation would be the definition of the boundaries in the relationship with his daughter and the full support of his wife. Father must understand: the daughter is trying to manipulate them, using his father's love, to get everything she wants.

Perhaps it is the position of the girl's father,which begins to show Electra complex, depends primarily on how will the relations in the family in the future. As a rule, seeing that her parents are in a harmonious relationship in the whole support each other, the girl finally begins to identify with his mother and finally gets rid of the complex.

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