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How to choose jewelry for a bright image

how to choose jewelry

Jewellery and accessories are always attracted to women,but not every woman knows how to choose the decorations and how to use them in the way. This point is very important, because even a perfect image can be hopelessly spoiled incorrectly selected a bracelet or inappropriate chain. To avoid such embarrassment, we recommend you to remember a few simple rules, and visit Mirbonus.ru site where you can find and buy a profitable jewelry for every taste and color.

The main function of any decoration - emphasize andcomplement the beauty of the woman and her image as a whole. When choosing jewelry, try not to overdo it, to not turn eventually into a Christmas tree. Remember, too much should not be, you need to know when to stop, so ignore the decorations are not worth it. Even the most stylish dress or suit without expensive additional accessories can turn a poor and faded thing, as well as vice versa, even the most discreet and easy outfit, complete with accessories properly selected, transformed into a truly royal attire.

how to choose jewelry for yourself

Each woman had asked questionsselection of decorations to create a stylish and unique image. The easiest way to choose the accessories for a specific outfit, taking into account the quality and purpose of the fabric. The cheaper and lighter the material, the more elegant and cheaper to be decoration. So you will achieve harmony.

It suits to sporty style of raincoat or denim material best suited accessories in a simple style. Material - metal, nickel silver, ceramics, wood, leather, silver.

Business suits of flannel and wool finecombined with the same accessories as the sports stuff. Valid options with semi-precious stones: opaque or translucent agate, turquoise, coral.

If your costume sewn from air, light fabric -Chiffon, silk, crepe de chine, then the accessories should be textured, light, silky surfaces. Perfectly suited such stones like pearls and aquamarine.

how to choose jewelry

When choosing a new decoration, make sure that itcome to your image, and will emphasize your beauty. Accessory must match the type of appearance, age, complexion, and, of course, as well. If you have even the slightest doubt, it is better to give up the purchase.

Another important event for which is compiledform. For example, at a youth party is unlikely to be appropriate massive gold chain, as well as at a dinner party is not appearing in the cheap plastic beads.

Remember the main rule: decorations are needed to complement the image, and for anything else. Each woman decides for itself what it suitable accessory, relying on your taste and financial opportunities. So even if your desires coincide with the opportunities!

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