" "Can you get rid of stretch marks?

Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?

is it possible to get rid of stretch marks

  • Declare war on stretch marks with the help of proper nutrition
  • Vegetable oil against stretch marks
  • Massages and body wraps
  • Getting rid of stretch marks in the cabin
  • Plastic surgery

Stretch marks on the skin rather depressing phenomenoncapable of causing any woman negative emotions. Each of us wants to look young, attractive and battling spot all men smooth, beautiful and supple skin. The appearance of stretch marks contribute to several factors. Firstly, pregnancy, during which a woman's body is exposed to the strong hormonal surges. Secondly, puberty girls, too, is not without hormones here. And thirdly - stretching can "decorate" your body, if you dramatically lost weight, for example, ten kilograms. And then the question arises - is it possible to get rid of stretch marks? How to give your skin the original appearance? In this article, we will discuss this particular issue.

Declare war on stretch marks with the help of proper nutrition

Foods that we eat area strong influence on our body. And the physical condition of the skin is dependent on our diet. Eating poorly, you will never be able to give your skin a sufficient number of necessary vitamins it. And to begin the fight against stretch marks is necessary to explore used products.

Nuts, seafood, herbs, vegetable oil,Fruits and vegetables contain substances that give skin its elasticity. That is why, before you ask the question - whether to win streamers may want to make sure that these products are sure to be present in your daily diet.

Lack fluid also adversely affectsskin condition, especially for pregnant women or ladies who go on a strict diet. They recommended additional moisturizing skin using special cosmetics, which contain plant extracts and collagen.

is it possible to get rid of stretch marks

Vegetable oil against stretch marks

Russian women have long used variousoils to give the skin elasticity and firmness. Basically, this thing trusted linseed oil - just to rub it into the skin in the right place. Today, experts recommend the use of almond, olive oil and wheat germ oil. They all contain a sufficient amount of vitamin E, and contributes regeneration of the skin. If skin is oily, it is better to use pure almond oil. Dry skin is more useful to mix it in equal parts with wheat germ oil.

If "make friends" with aromatic oils anduse them in conjunction with the plant, it is possible to arrange at home a real SPA. For example, such oils like orange, lemon and rosewood oil can help to turn to get rid of stretch marks is not only useful, but also quite a pleasant procedure. It should be easy to add a few drops of any of these oils in cooking, and mood elevation is provided to you for a long time!

Massages and body wraps

The procedure described above may assist inIf stretching "feeble", just visible on the skin. In more advanced cases it is recommended to use different wraps and enroll in a course of massage. Professional massage therapists know how to help in this situation. It requires an active massage, which increases blood circulation and metabolism. Particularly effective are the procedures in the abdominal area. In general, the use of stretching massage can be in any zone other than the mammary glands.

To the effect of a campaign to become a massage therapistmaximum, it is necessary to fix its wrapping. For this purpose, any means may be used, containing collagen, cacao butter, lanolin, elastin or other regenerating agent. Apply the product on the skin, wrap film and relax in the warmth for a while.

is it possible to get rid of stretch marks on their own

Getting rid of stretch marks in the cabin

In beauty salons specializing inbanners, bring your skin in order can be much faster, but the cost is a pleasure to be much more expensive. It produces seaweed wraps, mud, various gels. As employees of the salon can offer you other methods of dealing with a highly pronounced stretch marks. For example, correction using ultrasonic or laser therapy.

Before we turn to the salon, be sure to find outabout him as much information as possible. Think, perhaps, one of your friends here got rid of stretch marks and is very praised him? Or do you read reviews about it on your favorite forum on the Internet. In any case, it is not necessary to trust only the bright advertising.

Plastic surgery

In particularly severe cases, doctors have resorted tosurgery - abdominoplasty. This type of plastic surgery can get rid of stretch marks by excision of excess skin and fat deposits. Of course, such an operation is the most effective way to remove skin blemishes, but it, like any other surgery, has a number of contraindications and may cause post-operative complications.

Some experienced doctors try to explainwomen, stretch marks - it's not such a big "evil" to go to bed because of them under the knife is not necessary. Use more sparing methods of dealing with this problem, even if not immediately, but stretch marks will disappear and you will again feel young and beautiful!

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