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Stretch marks on the body (striae) - a pale scars,It occurs on the skin during hormonal changes in the body, breast-feeding, a sharp set of (loss) weight during pregnancy. Stretch marks occur more frequently in women with low elastic fibers in the skin and exposed to hereditary factors. If they appear on the thighs, abdomen, chest, buttocks, arms, then this is due to excessive tension of the skin: tissue growing rapidly, the epithelium has not kept pace, becoming thinner and broken. Getting rid of stretch marks is due to the substitution of connective tissue: first turn pink scars, and on decreasing the content of the blood vessels gradually become lighter.

Of course, every woman would like to get rid ofof stretch marks. Many to return the body former beauty, ready to use any methods, starting with the use of folk remedies and ending with surgical methods. Women, first faced with a similar problem plagued both several questions: how to remove stretch marks on the breasts, what are the people's money from them during pregnancy, what to do with them after delivery and many other similar questions.

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Methods to get rid of stretch marks

Of course, one of the most common causesof unpleasant scars - pregnancy. However, not all women know that much easier and more correct to prevent stretch marks on the thighs, abdomen, chest and other body parts than to fight them later - the process could drag on for months and years.

What are the means to prevent stretch marks and stretch marks during childbearing?

  • Eat right. Eat more protein (collagen and elastin basis) and less sweet and starchy foods: it will control your weight, avoiding abrupt changes.
  • Engage in pouring Breast room with watertemperature and rubdown with a towel. You do not have to think in the future, how to remove stretch marks on breasts, if we use special prenatal and designed for the feeding bras.
  • To prevent stretch marks appear on the abdomen, wear a special belt, braces, supports underwear - skin does not stretch and do not droop.
  • Moisturize the skin and lubricate risk zones containing amino acids and collagen creams.
  • Active lifestyle, gymnastics and execution of simple exercises for the legs and thighs help not to think about how to remove stretch marks on the buttocks.
  • There are also effective folk remedies of stretch marks during pregnancy and in all other cases, when still not managed to avoid the appearance of unsightly scars.

Folk remedies for stretch marks is very easy touse and have a clear advantage over special medical procedures: they are accessible to all and make it possible to get rid of stretch marks in the home. So, how to remove stretch marks folk remedies?


Scrub is made on the basis of salt, sugar, groundcoffee or coffee grounds sleeps with the addition of olive or other vegetable oil or sour cream. You can add essential oils and rub the mixture into the trouble spots for 10-15 minutes during the shower. Then wash off with contrasting douches and lubricate with a nourishing cream. Home Scrubs - very effective national means of stretch marks when used several times a week.


Oil-based mixture. To mix 10 drops extracts of rosemary oil, lavender, jasmin, lemon juice, orange oil, add 100 ml of jojoba oil. Leave in the dark for a day in a closed vessel. Ready means should be rubbed into the problem areas or use for massage.

A mixture based on mummy. Dissolve 1 g. mummy in 1 spoon of boiled water, add baby cream (80 oz.) and mix. Rub 1 per day in problem areas. The mixture should be refrigerated.


Regular massage of problem areas usingdifferent oils - excellent folk remedy to help prevent stretch marks. For massage fit almond or orange oil, rosemary oil, hazelnut oil, wheat germ. All of these oils are rich in vitamin E - it makes the skin supple and elastic. Massage should be done gently, without stretching the skin, without strong pressure.

In contrast to the methods of getting rid of stretch marks in the home, the following methods of skin regeneration can only be applied blades in the medical and health-care salons.

stretch marks on the body

Procedures in the cabin

Thus, the stretching may be removed using specialized procedures. We list basic methods:

  • Aromatherapy using purified plant oils
  • The course hot or cold wraps with seaweed essential oils and herbs
  • Balneo- and thalassotherapy, SPA
  • Mesotherapy: biologically active substances by injection lead (or under pressure in case of no injection mesotherapy), under the skin they break up large molecules of fat into small clearing of cholesterol and toxins, increasing microcirculation of the skin
  • The ozone-oxygen therapy: the scars lighter due to the acceleration of metabolism in the skin
  • For rough stretch marks helps chemical peel - skin noticeably younger and noticeably freshens the result holds for a long time
  • Effective Laser resurfacing stretch marks: skin becomes smooth

Remember that stretch marks on the body - this is a seriousskin damage and to restore it, may require significant time costs. Remove stretch succeed not at once: take months or even years of intensive work on yourself. The first result may be noticeable for several weeks. The main secret success in getting rid of stretch marks - the regularity and consistency. No methods will have no effect if recall them "from time to time."

It is best to use the combined effect of: a folk remedy for stretch marks the use of special cosmetics and water treatment, herbal medicine, physical exercise, acupuncture, massage and special diet.

And remember: the fight against stretch marks will be more successful if you firmly believe in the success and know what to go to achieve!

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