" "Stretch marks on the skin. The reasons for their vozniknovniya and Remedies

Stretch marks on the skin. The reasons for their vozniknovniya and Remedies

stretch marks on the skin

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Fortunately there is no limit! You have become a mom a nice kid, but still managed in a short time to regain the girlish figure. But what is it? Disgusting whitish streaks, which spoil the whole picture. Stretch - stretch marks in a scientific way - can spoil the mood of anyone. Most often, stretch marks appear in women after childbirth or after an abrupt discharge of excess weight. Although the causes of stretch marks may be others. For example, puberty, some endocrine diseases or hormone treatment. Due to the tension or under the influence of hormones, the skin loses elasticity and straining. Then these places scar connective tissue. And there are extensions.

Begin to act in advance

Fight against stretch marks is extremely difficult. So if you're just getting ready to become a mother or stood on the warpath against excess weight, it is best to take care of to prevent their occurrence. Moreover, there are a set of measures for the prevention of stretch marks. Include in your diet foods rich in protein (chicken, cheese, fish and seafood). This protein is the building blocks of new cells. It promotes skin renewal, is responsible for its elasticity and firmness. Try to drink as much water as possible. The reasons for the loss of elasticity of the skin can be covered in just dehydration.

Take a contrast shower during whichmassage the problem areas. For this purpose very well suited plucking massage. Pinch the skin in a clockwise direction until it turns red. This procedure improves blood circulation and improves skin elasticity. Good assistants in the prevention of stretch marks - vegetable oils. They contain a large amount of useful nutrients. Perfectly suited flaxseed, almond or olive. After a shower, be sure to lubricate their problem areas. Pregnant women are advised to wear special underwear. Bandages, and belts to help prevent excessive stretching of the skin. Wearing a bandage is recommended from the 4th month of pregnancy. A postpartum bandage will help to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

stretch marks on the skin causes

How to get rid of stretch marks

If stretch marks still appeared, thenstart a fight with them as early as possible. Unfortunately, to get rid of stretch marks will only surgically. But to make them almost invisible and can be less radical ways. For example, using proven and completely harmless folk remedies. Let's look at two of the most popular ones.

  1. Cream mumiё.Rastvorite 1 gram of mummies in 80 grams of your cream. Rub the cream into problem areas of the skin every day. Shilajit promotes healing and restoration of the skin.
  2. Mask with aloe. To make stretch marks less noticeable on the chest, prepare a special mask. Mix half a cup of aloe juice with the same amount of olive oil. Add 5 drops of vitamin A and E. This mask should be applied to the chest twice daily, leaving 10-15 minutes and then washed off with warm water.
  • Another effective means to combatstretch marks - cosmetic body wrap with algae. This procedure is particularly effective to deal with fresh stretch marks. It improves skin tone and help to rejuvenate cells.
  • Another popular method of dealing with stretch marks -mesotherapy. During this procedure, by means of microinjection is injected under the skin of therapeutic drugs. The drug cocktail is injected directly into the problem area. This method will help smooth out skin blemishes and improve its elasticity. Thanks to mesotherapy stretch will be less noticeable.
  • Another modern and very effectivea procedure that will help you in the fight against stretch marks - is microdermabrasion. In fact - it polishing using fine particles of aluminum. After a few sessions, the skin is completely updated. Stretch marks are aligned and become virtually invisible.

stretch marks treatment

Heavy artillery

From a medical point of view, absolutely striaeharmless. But from an aesthetic - they can be a real problem. If you want to completely get rid of stretch marks, it is worth paying attention to the more radical methods. However, no matter what reasons led to the appearance of stretch marks, before using this or that method, you must always consult with a specialist. Only your doctor will help you choose the safest and most effective method of getting rid of stretch marks, which is right for you.

One way - laser peel. The procedure requires some training. Two months before the peeling start rubbed into the skin vitamin cream. The session is performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure striae burned by a laser. After that, the skin cells begin to actively recover. Stretch marks after laser peeling or completely disappear or become inconspicuous.

No less effective method - chemical peels. During the procedure, the skin is applied to a set of different acids, which wholly or partly removes the damaged stratum corneum. This starts the active synthesis of collagen and the skin rejuvenates markedly. The procedure is very painful and is performed under local anesthesia.

The most crucial method of getting rid of stretch marks -abdominoplasty. During surgery, the surgeon will cut just stretch the skin. The procedure will remove stretch marks completely. But do not forget that any surgery - is a serious intervention into the body, which can lead to various complications. To resort to a surgical operation should only when other methods are not helped. In the fight against stretch marks important patience and faith in their own strength. After all, you could give the world a new life. They found the strength to bring the figure in order. So is such a petty nuisance, like stretching, you will be able to spoil the mood? Never!

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