" "Secrets of proper nail care

Secrets of proper nail care

Secrets of proper nail care

Well-groomed hands every woman's dream. Many believe that it is certainly nice, but too long and too expensive. Although it is not so, because the manicure at home is a reality that does not require much time and money.

You only need to follow this simple andpleasant consistency, then the result will be visible after some time. To start to define a manicure view: there are edged and not edged (European) manicure. Not manicure practical and hygienic, but the cuticle when applied not immediately equalized, and after only 3 4 treatments. Both species are quite capable to perform even a novice.

Buy for yourself quality manicure instruments. Pay particular attention to scissors, because they must be well sharpened and convenient for you. Do not forget to nail file and orange wood stick for moving away the cuticle. Be sure to purchase nutritious oil for cuticles and nails for a special coating. For the general comfort of the room can take an aromatic candle or ionizer air purifiers from allergens.

Our manicure session begins with shapingnails, and for this we use a nail file, moving it from the edge of the nail to the center. The classical form of an oval or square with rounded corners. The procedure will give you pleasure, if to continue its relaxing bath for hands. It is possible to add the salt in the sea water. Then trim the cuticle orange stick to push the pre and brush with butter. During this operation, nothing should distract. If the process takes place in the summer, it is advisable to install modern electronic mosquito repeller to divert bites.

If you chose not to manicure, thencuticle must be removed with a special cream. The cream is applied to the inner lining of not more than 5 minutes, so as not to damage it. Then calming hydrotherapeutic procedures as in the first case, and then have to dry hands again apply the cream. Another 3 minutes and has a cuticle can be removed by using this indispensable our wand. Rinse off the cream, lubricate nourishing oil. Tidy your other hand.

Now turn cover, use cover foryour type of nails. Colour varnish depends only on your desire. But there are several variants of the classic short red or dark nails, french for medium length. Long nails give scope for the imagination of colors and nail-art, you can write a whole thesis. The simplest rule varnish should be in harmony with your image and style.

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