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  • What is a classic manicure
  • Advantages and disadvantages of edging manicure
  • Additional procedures when performing classic manicure

I remember another classic remarked: You can be a sensible man, and think about the beauty of nails. Today, hardly need to convince someone that should take care of your hands no less carefully than for face and body. So a classic manicure or hardware (it does not matter) should become a habit, like brushing your teeth, washing and other hygiene procedures. Especially because his hands one of the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Due to the structure of the skin on the hands (there are virtuallyno subcutaneous fat) it is subject to premature aging. And if you add to that the adverse effects of the environment, household chemicals, it becomes quite clear that in the absence of proper care, our hands will be treacherous issue age and evidence of lack of attention to their appearance. Today simply indecent to appear in public with unkempt hands and nails, so if you want, can be regarded as evidence of social disadvantage.

Currently, most salons offervarious processing techniques of the nail plate. Selecting one makes himself, in accordance with their preferences. Consider the classic manicure and all its pluses and minuses.

classic manicure edging

What is a classic manicure

Classic manicure (it is also called "wet"as to soften the cuticles using a bath of warm water) is still the most popular type of nail treatment in our country. By the way, in the West of it has long been abandoned for some reason, but later on this.

We understand that all of our readers are well aware of the technique of its execution, but, nevertheless, consider it necessary to recall the main points.

  • Remove old paint.
  • With the help of a fine-grained nail file nails to shape: oval, square, pointed. Remember that you can only zapilivaem dry nails, otherwise they are stratified.
  • Preparing tub with warm water, whichYou can add a few drops of essential oil (lemon, grapefruit, and others.), sea salt. These components enhance the nail plate and have a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • With the help of a special wooden stickthe cuticle is removed and trimmed with special nail scissors. To avoid burrs it is better to do what is called a single motion.
  • On the cuticle and the nail plate is applied nutritious oil, nails are polished nail file special. After this procedure, they get a healthy look and shine.

Advantages and disadvantages of edging manicure

The main and indisputable advantage of suchprocedures as a classic manicure, is that it can be quite quickly lead to normal, even very neglected nails and hands. The so-called European (hardware) manicure in such situations will not work.

But this method has significant drawbacks. The main disadvantage is the injury of the cuticle and great possibilities of infection. Unfortunately, not all interiors being adequate control of high-grade sterilization of tools for manicure. Currently, when a high probability of contracting AIDS and hepatitis B, it is necessary to have a hundred percent assurance of safety.

It is for this reason that the classic manicure does not apply in European beauty salons, preferring hardware.

how to do manicure

Additional procedures when performing classic manicure

To hand looked very well maintained, it is desirable to do a hydrating mask. This can be done during a manicure at the salon, you can do 2-3 times a week at home.

Now, in many salons offer a paraffin wrap. This is a very nice and, importantly, an effective procedure, after which the skin on his hands became soft and silky.

Very shows and hand massage with cream. It is thus possible to achieve a double benefit. As is well known on the palms have reflex points associated with internal organs. So perform massage allows, firstly, to provide nutrition to the skin, and secondly, a positive effect on internal organs.

You want to get your hands look perfect?

In that case, take it a rule to all the domestic work associated with the use of household chemicals, only be carried out in special gloves.

Always use hand cream, do baths with essential oils and of course, regularly attended master in the cabin or make a classic manicure yourself.

Your hands will keep youth and beauty for years to come!

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