" "How to remove stretch marks at home

How to remove stretch marks at home

how to remove stretch marks at home


  • Remove stretch marks with the help of massage
  • Aromatic oils in the fight against stretch marks
  • Proper nutrition - the help in getting rid of stretch marks on the body

If someone believes that the stretch marks appearonly women giving birth and those who dramatically took off a lot of weight - they are wrong. After stretching - a skin microtrauma, and they can occur in very young age. They are not insured by women suffering from hormonal disruptions in the body, they can get the girl, who began to grow quite actively. In short, everything that affects the sharp increase in the volume of the body, leading to the risk of the appearance of stretch marks.

Of course, there are many usefulprocedures in beauty salons, targeting to rid the skin of stretch marks. However, not every woman can afford to go to a professional cosmetologist: someone is no time, someone has no money. And because more and more members of the fairer sex are wondering how to remove stretch marks at home. And I want to do it quickly.

Remove stretch marks with the help of massage

To deal with stretch marks at home, of course, possible. And if not entirely defeat them, then at least make it practically invisible is quite real. Although perhaps not as fast as we would like. And one of the most effective means - a massage. With the help of massage can even inveterate stretch marks if not eliminate, at least reduce.

Massage the stomach in a circular motion carried onclockwise. It is possible to use a special massage cream or ointment against stretch marks, bought at the pharmacy. Although many (for example, well-known actress Sophie Marceau) prefer to rub into the skin of normal olive oil. There are many vitamins - A, D and E, as well as a large amount of wetting agent. Buy virgin oil and use it with a body massage.

If extensions are located at the waist, thenmassage should be smooth movements from the bottom up. Buttocks better rubbing in a circular motion, and thigh - along the lines of the tribes to the area and panties. You can use ordinary cotton mitten. Do not be lazy and do massage every day, at least 1,5-2 months. Make sure that all movements were strong, but quite smooth. Try not to make any sudden movements, so as not to stretch the skin - otherwise you can get totally opposite results.

Even while taking a shower do not forget about the fightstretch marks: direct the water jet on the problem areas, repeating the massage movements. When finished bathing, how to rub the body hard with a towel, to increase blood circulation in the body. After the massage, apply to the skin problem areas any greasy moisturizer. Do not be lazy - and thought about how to remove stretch marks in the home for a long time will leave you. Quickly achieve this is unlikely, but only two or three months it will be possible to admire the results.

how to remove stretch marks

Aromatic oils in the fight against stretch marks

Use the oil can not only massage;they themselves may well improve the condition of your skin. It is with the help of aromatic oils rid of stretch marks of a woman with the most ancient times. The most popular of these oils - is almond oil and wheat germ. We present you a few tips on how to remove stretch marks in the home with the help of oils:
  1. Lotion "Carrot" homemade. For him, you will need 1 carrot, water and almond oil. So, clean the carrots on a fine grater, put in a bowl and cover with water so that it covers the ground. After 15 minutes the carrots press through cheesecloth. Add the almond juice as drops of oil to make a thick creamy mass. Apply this lotion before going to sleep on the problem areas.
  2. For the next ointment, mix 2 drops of oilmandarin, 2 drops of neroli oil, 2 drops of lavender oil, 50 ml of oil from wheat germ. This composition is very good to get rid of stretch marks from even older, you can make them virtually invisible on the body.
  3. Another great help for stretch marks blend of oliveoil and the oil solution of vitamin E. In one tea spoon of oil added 650 mg of vitamin. If you want to make a whole bottle of the mixture, then you have to calculate the amount of vitamin E based on the volume of packaging.

Before you start usingaromamasel to deal with stretch marks, do not forget to consult with your doctor: some people allergic to them, and during pregnancy, many aromatic oils are contraindicated.

how to remove stretch marks on the body

Proper nutrition - the help in getting rid of stretch marks on the body

Whatever method you struggling with stretch marks,Proper nutrition - it's one of those whales, which keeps skin health. Think about it: if you are sick, the doctor prescribes you a comprehensive treatment. So it is with stretch marks - use several methods, not forgetting about a balanced diet. After all, in addition to healthy looking skin that you gain with a healthy diet, you actually reduce the risk of weight gain, and hence the possibility of new stretch marks. you are unlikely to succeed in the home without proper nutrition to remove stretch marks.

What does it take to skin was healthy,well-groomed? Humidification and vitamins. Therefore, do not neglect the food containing nutrients. Eat more fruits and vegetables, dairy products. Do not forget about the need to at least twice a year - spring and fall - take a multivitamin complexes. It is best to ask a doctor for help - he will choose exactly the products that will be perfect for you, with all the features of your health and body.

Drink eight to ten glasses of fluid a day. This amount includes water, coffee, tea, soups. That's just the alcohol should not be attributed here - it dehydrates the body.

Ways of how to remove stretch marks on the body,lot. But they all require patience and self-discipline. It does not matter if all your friends assert that it is impossible to defeat the stretch: a rolling stone gathers no moss. Take into service a few of our tips and soon you will be able to be proud of their smooth, beautiful skin. And girlfriends help remove stretch marks at home.

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