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Spa manicure

spa manicure


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Manicure - is not only a daily procedurenail care or decoration before any celebrations. In today's beauty salon can offer you a variety of programs of care for your hands, including and became very popular in recent spa manicure. That is a given procedure, and all varieties of spa care, we will cover in this article.

What is the SPA - manicure

To begin with let's deal with the terminology. The word "the SPA" - a Latin abbreviation which can be translated as "with the help of water health." In addition, during this procedure, you will put in order the nails, spa care involves complete relaxation. So SPA-manicure - is not just a manicure as such, but also a relaxing hand massage to the elbow, special care products, essential oils, lotions, masks and creams. The goal - quality care and the creation of a relaxed atmosphere where the client feels as comfortable as possible.

It should be noted that the SPA-manicure many faces. What kind of something absolutely clear rules did not exist. Each salon, claiming the existence of such services, offers its program. The main principle - relaxation and comfort for the client.

Simplified version of the SPA can be called hotmanicure. It is recommended that if you have dry skin, and nails break and exfoliate. For therapeutic purposes, such a procedure is carried out once a week.

For hot manicure special needsNourishing Lotion. Its structure may include vitamins (especially A and E) that promote the growth and strengthening of nails, substances influencing positively condition hand skin (lanolin, coconut oil or peanut). Furthermore, the ideal is to have a special device and to heat the lotion.

The procedure itself takes a lot of time,but it applies to all varieties of spa manicure. Nails are omitted in lotion heated for several minutes after being removed remnants of the old varnish and held filing their surface. Then, with the fingertips lotion should be spread over the entire arm up to the elbow and rub into the skin at the same time spending massage hands.

The next stage - processing the cuticle, which is tothis time softened under the influence of the lotion. At the end of the procedure you need to wipe your hands with cold wet towel to stimulate circulation. Remains of moisture lotion that may remain on the nails are removed using a degreasing swab. Finally, if necessary, can cause firming or colored varnish.

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Technique of the SPA - manicure

When performing a full spa manicureinvolved more special funds for the care of nails and skin of hands. The treatment begins with a warm oil bath. Your skin literally comes to life after such a font hand consisting of warm oil. Then, in the course are special lotions that strengthen and nourish not only the skin but also the nail plate. Another effective component - paraffin mask for hands, after which the skin becomes soft as silk.

In addition to all these manipulations atSPA-manicure as therapeutic agents are used not only normal, sea or mineral water, but also mud, as well as various kinds of masks and body wraps with essential oils. All of them contain ingredients that strengthen the thin and brittle nails, as well as have high antibacterial and antifungal properties.

One of the newest trends - useAs materials for the wraps of various food products. It is believed that they have very strong biological activity. Although it may seem unusual, many masks are composed of chocolate, salt, tea, sugar or honey - products containing a large supply of nutrients.

Processing cuticle manicure in the spa also has itsfeatures. It is not cut off and removed with a special composition which substantially dissolves it. This excludes any injury, thus no threat of infection. Furthermore, regular maintenance of the nails in the SPA style causes that thinner cuticle and does not require time consuming processing such as at the initial stage.

Spa manicure is not just a perfect hand care, this is a real relaxation, which allows you to recover and strength and peace of mind.

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