" "How to whiten nails

How to whiten nails

How to whiten nails

Beautiful and healthy nails - any decorationwomen. In addition, the color of nail polish - it is a certain indicator of health status, as well as a certificate of good care of them. Sometimes, unfortunately, the nails may acquire an unpleasant yellow color, which is difficult to get rid of. Yellow nails look ugly and unhealthy, so the problem must be addressed immediately if it appears. First, remove the cause and then proceed to the cosmetic whitening nail. There are several ways to whiten nails: proven home remedies and professional cosmetics (eg, powders or nail polish whitening), which can be purchased in pharmacies and cosmetic stores.

If you are a lover of color nail polish,it is likely that over time, your nails will become an unpleasant yellowish hue. The fact that the composition includes nail formaldehyde, which negatively affect the structure and condition of the nail plate.

The reason for yellow nails

Nail Whitening - a cosmetic procedure,which will help to cope with yellowness, but does not eliminate its cause. After all the nails turn yellow for a reason, the fact can be a number of reasons, and it is to eliminate them, and not the cosmetic defect.

The yellowish tint nails can be caused by several reasons. As the nail can be traced to the presence of harmful habits, health problems and methods of nail care.

Nails can change its color due to somehealth disorders, such as liver disease or kidney disease. The cause "by eye" is very difficult to establish the exact cause is necessary to conduct a blood test. Yellow spots on the nails may also appear after a long course of antibiotics (such as tetracycline).

Another reason for yellowing nails - nailfungus. With his appearance, your nails immediately acquire yellow or brownish tint. This is because the fungus produces a coloring pigment, which fall under the nails and remain there for a long time. Also nail color, signs of fungal infections of the nails may be peeling or a specific odor. Do not try to diagnose and cure the fungus on their own, it is better to see a specialist. If the nails turned yellow due to fungus, nail whitening lemon or peroxide will not give long-term results.

The most common reason for the appearance of yellow spotsthe nails become smoking. In this case, the only way to eliminate the cause of yellowing - quit smoking! Yes, and your body you for this "thank you" to say. If this is you can not afford, then you can think about is what you can whiten nails and resort to bleaching agents.

Nails can turn yellow, if you toofond of different varnishes for nails. Covering nail varnish, you make him feel the lack of oxygen, and in fact it is necessary for the normal state and nail color. As a result, you get a yellow tinge nail and separation. The solution to this situation, there may be two. First - periodically polish nails special nail file for polishing, it will not give your nails turn yellow. Second - just for a week or leave natural nails, without covering them with colored lacquer. Do this once a month and prevent the appearance of yellowing. Try to wear nail polish no longer than 4-5 days. After that, take a break for a day or two, this time fueled by essential oils and nails fat cream. Periodically make trays for whitening nourishing nails with herbs. Thus, you do not have to seek a solution to the problem of how to whiten the tips of the nails.

As a single cause can be identified, socalled "Yellow nail syndrome". It can manifest itself in older people and, sometimes, in middle-aged people. It may be associated with lung diseases or disorders of the lymphatic system. Since the nail often the cause of yellowing fingernails, before using it on your nails, apply a base substrate. So you can protect your nails from the harmful effects of substances that make up the varnish. The nails become healthier acquire the normal color and texture.

If you understand the cause and she was a minor, the bleaching can use folk remedies. How to whiten nails at home, read on.

whitening nail home

Home remedies for nail whitening

If the yellowing of your nails is not related to the general state of the body, you will be helpful to learn a few ways to whiten your nails at home.

A little help lighten their weak solutionHydrogen peroxide (4%), lemon juice, vinegar, lime juice. It is useful to wipe the nails cut raw potatoes. Perform these procedures should be regularly every day. These home remedies are very good, yellowish nails, for example, cut a small slice of lemon and rub it into your nails for five minutes. This procedure not only lightens the nails, but also softens the cuticle and strengthens the nail itself. Lemon - it is the most effective way to whiten your nails at home without resorting to the use of professional cosmetics. It is also the safest nail procedure. Unfortunately, one procedure will not give any results, so that would get the effect, rub lemon juice into the nails should be at least a month on a regular basis, every day.

A very effective tool - a mixture of glycerin (1part) and hydrogen peroxide (5 parts). Beautifully brightens nails salt bath. Take a few tablespoons of sea salt (it can be bought in any store cosmetics) and dissolve it in warm water. In this solution, if desired, you can add lemon juice and essential oils. Use a bleach bath for nails for 10-15 minutes a day. Within 3 weeks, you will see the first results - nails will become stronger and lighter, will acquire well-groomed appearance.

You can prepare a mixture of lemon juice anda few drops of olive oil. Such a mixture is necessary to wipe nails with a cotton sponge, after which they were carefully polished nail file. Very effective for whitening polish various essential oils. Try a bath with jojoba oil, ylang-ylang. Mix a few drops of essential oil in warm water and dip your nails in a tub. The result is guaranteed. An excellent tool to combat yellowness are bleaching trays for nails with chamomile. Take a couple of tablespoons chamomile, pour boiling water and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Slightly warm infusion apply on your nails with a cotton swab, or just dip your hands in the bath for 10-15 minutes.

To lighten the nails often used pinkwater. Take 40 ml of rose water, glycerol g. 10 and about 50 ml of the peroxide. Very carefully mix the ingredients. Ready solution to lubricate the nails every day for a month. Be careful with this tool - because peroxide can cause skin irritation.

An excellent way of how to quickly whitennails is also hydrogen peroxide solution with baking soda. The proportions are as follows: 1 tablespoon of peroxide 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Stir until the consistency of toothpaste (not in a metal bowl), and apply the mixture on your nails for 2-4 minutes. Be careful if you have wounds around the nail - better to use other means to whiten nails. For best results, try to clean your nails with a soft brush with a paste applied to it.

For clarification and strengthening of nails, is very usefullight polishing with essential oils. This procedure is desirable to carry out no more than once a month, using only high-quality polishing nail file. If that is not - use a small piece of suede. Oils can take any of what you no longer will have to taste (pine, patchouli, myrrh, lemon or tangerine oil).

Oddly enough, a good and proven meansto brighten nails are cosmetics for denture care. Baths with drugs will help to strengthen and lighten the nail plate. Use these trays to whiten nails several times until completely eliminate their yellow color.

It is also well to help cope with the problemyellowing of nails, a special pencil to whiten nails. Select the appropriate type of pen you will help you in the pharmacy. This means low-cost, affordable, very easy to use, and most importantly, it has an excellent whitening effect.

whiten nails at home

Professional whitening agents

The bleaching agent for nail Nail Whitener,Orly from the American company is specially designed to whiten the nail plate. This tool has a powder structure and is available in a single bag. In its composition are useful tea tree oil. It cleans the nails from the yellow spots, and it can be applied to natural and artificial nails. Apply tool as follows: the contents of the sachet should be dissolved in hot water when the bath just to cool down, immerse the hands, hold them there for 10 minutes. After that you need to rinse your hands with clean water using a brush to remove the dirt. The procedure should be carried out regularly to get the result.

Another cosmetic offers usCompany Nubar - mask whitening nail Nail Clear. It eliminates unpleasant yellowness, prevent it, retain the original color of your nails. This mask is white, which is applied to the nails thick and remains so until dry. Only when the mask is transparent, you can remove its special cosmetic tissue. It is perfect for nail whitening at home.

Not cheap, but the quality of the means ofmavala (Switzerland) - Mava-white. If you're wondering how to whiten yellowed nails as fast as possible, then this tool is ideally suited. It will hide the form faded and yellowed nails. It can be used as the basic framework under the lacquer or as a standalone tool. At the core of this tool is a special pigment - titanium oxide. That it brightens the nail without causing pigmentation of the nail plate. The tool is remarkable it is applied to the nail and strengthens it. This is the most simple and easy way to get rid of such problems as bleach toenails.

A good solution in the fight against yellowing nailsa whitening scrub Nail Brite. The structure of this tool includes natural lemon extract, special cleaner polish. For best results, you should use Nail Brite regularly for several weeks, until the complete removal of yellow nails.

Bleach polish Seche (United States) -Crystal Clear Base Coat is also great to help you cope with yellow nails. This basic coverage, which does not yellow, that many female clients tested. This is one of the cheapest options for getting rid of the yellowing nails. This nail polish, whitening the nail plate itself rather quickly and without causing harm.

If you manage to remove the yellowish nails ittry to prevent its appearance again. To do this, use high-quality cosmetics for strengthening and nail care. Thus, for example, nail polishes Nail Tek (USA) Hydration Therapy Color not contain formaldehyde, which appears yellow and nail color. The company produces a wide variety of lacquer shades, for every taste. Thus, you can prevent the appearance of yellow and nourish nails vitamins.

If you are faced with the problem of yellow nails,Try to start the nail whitening at home more gentle home remedies, and only then, if that does not work, proceed to the use of expensive cosmetics. In any case, it is easier to prevent a problem than get rid of it. Take your vitamins, eat food rich in calcium, try to smoke less. If the yellow color is caused by nail fungus or disease, consult your doctor.

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