" "AFT hair removal

AFT hair removal

aft hair removal

To the great delight of the lovely ladies do not progressIt stands still, and in the beauty industry has developed new methods of hair removal, among which the best one is considered to be aft hair removal - the reviews say about the only positive emotions, because this method is absolutely painless. With the help of hair removal is possible with any parts of the body, and thus it does not matter what it is hair - blond, thin, curved or very small.

AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) - intranslated to English means "advanced fluorescent technology." AFT hair removal is based on a combination of hair removal and laser hair removal. Its uniqueness lies in painless hair removal, even in the bikini area.

Benefits aft hair removal

  1. The effectiveness of the procedure. The power of its impact is very high, so you can use a smaller number of sessions to achieve results.
  2. AFT hair removal does not bring painthrough the use of a unique technology InMotion (from angl.yaz - in motion), which ensures a gradual heat treated parts of the body and a soft skin preparation in the area of ​​the laser beam. The technology eliminates the effect on pain receptors, while holding tight, powerful flow of energy destroys the hair follicles. Only in areas with very thin skin may result in rare cases, the occurrence of the minimum of pain oschuscheniy.Tehnologiya InMotion eliminates gaps unfinished areas Unlike other methods of hair removal which use sequential mode flashes. Plating processing zone reaches 100%.

    We specify that technique is the aphthae painless hair removal from all known methods for a given time.

  3. The technology includes the combined effects of two energy - laser and light. This hair removal is not critical to the color of their skin and hair type.
  4. Security. The new method of hair removal is completely safe and combines the most advanced technology of laser hair removal from the comfort of SPA-procedures.

Technology aft hair removal

aft hair removal reviews

Aft hair removal technology isadvanced combined methodology that combines photoepilation and laser hair removal with the use of two new devices - Narmony XL (on the basis of advanced fluorescence technology) and the Soprano XL (based on the work of the diode laser, which is considered the gold standard in the field of modern hair removal).

The technology is based on the total cumulativethe effect exerted on certain areas of the skin two energies - optical and laser. Such a combination is very effective because it enables to remove both hard and dark hair with laser beam energy, and the more thin and light - using light energy. In the process of removing the hair flat out with time, changing its density and structure. Therefore, the most literate is a timely replacement of laser light energy, and vice versa. AFT hair removal helps to remove hair completely in a professional clinic with the development of the individual course of treatments.

  • Scientific evidence for the effectiveness of hair removal aft

The purpose of hair removal as such - is the destruction offollicle, hair growth then becomes impossible. Luminous flux and laser diode perfectly solve this problem. The intensity of hair removal is selected so that roots of the bulbs, as well as vessels, giving them food, absorb the energy of the laser beam, causing thermal damage of the hair follicles of the treated area. In this lies the effectiveness of hair removal aft - Women ratings indicate the appearance of short-term redness (in 1-2 hours after the procedure), which is the absolute norm.

How many hair removal treatments you need?

The life cycle of hair consists of several phases. hair follicles in growth phase is replaced by a short transitional stage, followed by a resting stage follows, during which the hair growth ceases and it falls. Then, inside the follicle starts to grow a new hair. For this reason, all available depilatory methods produce only short-term effect, removing the rod hair and follicle without damaging it.

Hair grows in cycles and, therefore, in one sessionfails to affect up to 70% of follicles. To affect all procedures require multiple follicles aft epilation - an average of 6 to 8 sessions. Depending on the quality and quantity of these figures scalp can vary from 4 to 12 treatments.
At the initial examination, the doctor will give dermakosmetologdetailed consultation and accurately determine the required number of sessions. Positive results can be noticeable even after the first session: a marked reduction in the amount of hair, a fine structure of the newly grown hair. These changes will be observed more and more from one session to the next until complete removal of hair.

  • To whom and where you can hold aft hair removal?

AFT hair removal is suitable to persons of both sexes,have any photos of skin type. This hair removal is performed in almost all parts of the body - arms, legs, stomach, chest, face, back, neck, underarm area and on the intimate parts of the body.

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